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ScareFX Witch Project

Witch Stirring a Hanging Cauldron

The Witch - Page 3

The mask for the project is called Green Swamp Witch. A pair of Monster Hands were painted by Death Studios to match the mask. Darkside Studio also sells a witch mask that would work well.

A styrofoam wig head provides the support for mask. I stuffed plastic supermarket bags into the gaps between the head and the mask. A short piece of 1/2" PVC pipe was inserted at an angle into the foam and glued in place.

I used a 1/2" PVC connector to join the PVC "neck" on the frame to the pipe that was glued into the wig head. I trimmed a few inches off both pieces of pipe to get the proper length. The connector between the two was dry fitted and taped to allow easy removal and adjustment of the rotation of the head.

Plastic pipe was used to create a skeletal hand that would be placed inside the latex hands. I used a method based on Merlin's Corpse Hands to create the hands.

I drilled 5 holes in a 1/2" PVC end cap. This cap would be attached to the lower PVC arm. Using the latex hand as a guide for the length, I cut five pieces of wire for each hand. I made a u-shaped bend at one end of each piece of wire to keep it from pulling thru the hole in the cap. I then slid a piece of wire into each of the holes. I used a flexible water pipe to create the "bones" of the skeletal hands.

The 1/4" diameter of the pipe was about the size of the fingers in the latex hand. Again using the latex hand as a guide, I cut pieces of the pipe to match the approximate length of each of section of a finger between the joints. There were four pieces of pipe for each finger and two sections for each thumb.

The appropriate pipe sections were then threaded on to each wire and the wire was bent over the outside of the finger tip and cut off so 1/2" of wire was showing. Black duct tape was put around the end of each finger tip to secure the wire and to protect the latex hand from the wire when it was inserted.

After the skeletal hands had been completed, I tested the "grip" around the stirrer. The wire allowed the hand to conform very well.

The forearm was made of 1/2" PCV and hollow foam just like the upper arm. The hands were attached using the end caps which held in place with duct tape for easy removal.

The skeletal hands were inserted into the latex hands which gripped the stirrer very well. To make sure the hands would not slip I used a piece of thin wire around the thumbs to secure the hand to the stirrer. The wire was hidden by the fingers in this front view.

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