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Graveyard Props

In 2002, we built a two sections of graveyard fence to keep the trick-or-treaters from getting to close to our first pneumatic prop. In 2003, we added six more sections and enclosed the graveyard. These are some of the items that have been part of the graveyard scene over the last few years.

This is a section of our original graveyard fence. There's a blog post here that has some of the details used in the construction of the fence.

In 2004, we added a toe pincher coffin based on plans posted on the Shallow Valley Funeral Home web site.

In 2003, we built this this gravestone. It was created using the techniques found on the Moonlit Project web site.

This was a daylight photo of part of our graveyard in 2005. The fence was set up an octagon shape.

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