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Witch Stirring a Hanging Cauldron

Cauldron - Page 3

The cauldron chain was purchased a discount store in the Halloween section. It is a styrofoam chain that comes in a six-foot length. Two sections of chain were used.

One of the links at the end of the chain was separated and re-glued around each of the two rings. Several circles of the blue sill foam were cut out and attached to the bands to create a type of rivet. The entire prop was then painted flat black. Finally, rust colored paint was airbrushed on to create the final look.

Looking at it from the bottom, you can see the position of the cauldron in relation to it's base. It was balanced as far forward a possible without tipping before it was attached to the base. This makes it difficult to see the lights and the base when viewed from the front at a normal viewing angle.

The cauldron is attached to the black painted 2x8 boards which were screwed together to form a three-sided base. The unpainted 2x4's were used to attach the cauldron base to the witch framework. A 3-inch hole was drilled in the bottom of the cauldron at the back to provide access for the fog piping and wiring

Four strings of orange flickering lights were taped together and mounted with wire as close to the bottom of the cauldron as possible. Because the lights flicker at different rates, there was always some orange glow and the change in intensity suggested the look of fire below the cauldron.

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