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ScareFX 8-Foot Grim Reaper Project

8-Foot Grim Reaper

The Scythe

This is the finished 8-foot grim reaper with his scythe as it appeared during Halloween 2004. The materials for the scythe consisted of two boards, two screws with nuts and some paint.

I made a template of the basic shape of the blade on my computer and printed it out. It was just over two feet in length. I transferred the shape onto a 1x6 pine board.

I cut out the basic shape with a jig saw making sure to add a 1.75 inch wide section that would be attached to the staff portion of the scythe. I drilled two holes in the attachment area.

I then took my Dremel tool with a sanding drum attached and sanded the pine board down to a blade shape.

I cut a lap joint at the top of a 2"x2"x8' board to fit the attachment area of the blade. I picked out the most curved 2x2 I could find, but it was still pretty straight. I drilled holes in the 2x2 to match the holes in the blade.

I stained the 2x2x8 with some leftover walnut colored Minwax Gel.

I attached the blade to the staff with two screws and nuts which were countersunk below the surface. Then I painted the blade with a base coast of dark gray latex. Then I dry brushed different shades of gray and silver to make it look like metal.

I think it turned out pretty well. I hope this project gives you some ideas for building your own grim reaper.

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