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ScareFX Spinning Spider Web Victim Project

Spinning Spider Web Victim

The Victim

Spider Victim MaterialsWe started this build with a few materials purchased locally. We used 3M Super 77 spray on adhesive, clear Scotch brand packaging tape, Glad Clingwrap plastic wrap, and part of a bag of stretchy spider web.

Spider Victim MaterialsWe used a Chauvet 5 RPM mirror ball motor that we purchased from to spin the victim.

Spider Victim 1Here's our victim. He started life as a simple blow molded skelly (a.k.a. a blucky) that we purchased at Big Lots for $9. We hung it from a stand so we could easily spin it around as we worked on it.

Spider Victim 2Next we took the packaging tape and gave him a pose while securing all the joints.

Spider Victim 3Next we took the plastic wrap and covered the entire body. This gave us a nice structured base for gluing and it provided a shiny shell behind the webbing.

Spider Victim 4Next we sprayed the plastic warp with the adhesive and began to add the webbing. We made sure the webbing was really stretched out before trying to apply it to the body. We did several layers of webbing while re-spraying the adhesive as needed. Pictured is the final product.

Spider Victim 5Here is a flash picture of the victim behind the large web on Halloween night 2005. We attached the victim to the 5 RMP mirror ball motor mounted above the web.

Spider Victim 6An here is a time exposure photo of the victim spinning the same night. We hope this simple prop encourages you to create a spider scene for your haunt next Halloween.

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Spinning Spider Web Night Video Clip

Here's a short video clip of our spinning spider web victim prop on Halloween Night 2008.

Other Spider Web Victim Projects

Fellow haunter Grim over at has also created a great looking cocooned spider victim. He used a PVC frame as a base instead of a blucky.

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